Photo Walk #01: Berlin

Um dem Alltag zu entfliehen, musste ich unbedingt mal wieder raus aus der Stadt. Einfach mal ein paar Tage etwas anderes sehen, als immer nur die Arbeit oder den Supermarkt. Da kam ein Ausflug in die Hauptstadt sehr gelegen. Doof nur, dass man in Zeiten der Pandemie keine Unterkunft bekommt. Netterweise durften wir ein paar„Photo Walk #01: Berlin“ weiterlesen

What is Street Photography?

The headline should actually read, “What is street photography for me?”. Because as different as street photography is, the meaning for every photographer is just as different. In a nutshell, street photography is art in public space. Street photography can be done anywhere, anytime. But there are a few things to keep in mind. In„What is Street Photography?“ weiterlesen

Interview with Hong Kong Street Photographer – Ivan Chow

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Tim Huynh | Street Photography:
Hi Ivan, please introduce yourself? My name is Ivan, I’m a street photographer from Hong Kong who’s currently living in Toronto, Canada. How did you get started in street photography? Growing up, I was fascinated by the work of photojournalists and documentary photographers. I would flip…

What’s in my camera bag for Street Photography in 2021?

This article will give you a little insight into what I currently have in my camera bag. Over time, my equipment has changed again and again. I handed in some things, others came in for it. The bag But let’s start with the bag itself. Over the years I have tried many different backpacks and„What’s in my camera bag for Street Photography in 2021?“ weiterlesen

Street Photo Walk through Berlin

Together with my mate Philipp, I went to Berlin on the first weekend in October to take photos there. We have already planned a few rough spots in advance, otherwise we just want to be surprised by what the city has to offer. On Friday noon we will meet in Bremen at the main train„Street Photo Walk through Berlin“ weiterlesen