Interview with Hong Kong Street Photographer – Ivan Chow

Interesting interview with Street Photographer Ivan Chow by Tim Huynh.

Tim Huynh | Street Photography

  1. Hi Ivan, please introduce yourself?

    My name is Ivan, I’m a street photographer from Hong Kong who’s currently living in Toronto, Canada.

  2. How did you get started in street photography?

    Growing up, I was fascinated by the work of photojournalists and documentary photographers. I would flip through magazines like National Geographic and just get blown away by the stunning images that told different stories from around the world.

I knew very early on that I would never have the courage or be able to make the necessary sacrifices to put myself in the same positions as these photographers, so I turned to documenting the streets instead. It was the easier, more comfortable version of photojournalism for me.

  1. Your YouTube channel has really grown, what made you decide to start producing YouTube content?

    Thanks, it’s still a fairly small channel, but I’m thankful to have a community of people that…

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