Why I moved from Adobe Portfolio to WordPress with my homepage

If you have a Creative Cloud subscription with Adobe, you can create a simple homepage based on a modular principle. The service is included with Adobe and that was the reason why I canceled my Jimdo site at the time.

Actually, I was always satisfied with the scope of the possibilities. The only thing that bothered me about Adobe Portfolio was the lack of opportunities to integrate a blog. You can create pages with texts, but there is no comment function or other ways of communicating with readers.

But I’ve never really dared to approach WordPress all these years, because the whole thing is a bit more complex. Nevertheless, I always looked a little jealous at the great pages of other bloggers or photographers who have done really cool things with WordPress.

In the end there was no way around it and here I am with my new website. Certainly something has to be screwed around here and there, but at least the basic structure is in place. If you have any suggestions, criticism or anything else, please let me know.

Thank you!

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